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Unlock the potential of your furry friend with Papia Rowe's Ultimate Clicker Training Secrets!This comprehensive course covers the essential aspects of dog training, ensuring you and your dog can enjoy a harmonious relationship. Papia, a highly qualified trainer with KPA-CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner) and APDTNZCANZ accreditation , brings her extensive knowledge and experience to guide you through the basics of this transformative journey of clicker training. 

Course Highlights:

  • Fundamentals : learn the theory an dfundamental behind clicker training, ensuring successful outcomes.
  • Basic Commands: Learn foundational commands such as sit, stay, and down to improve your dog's obedience.
  • Adding Distraction : Learn about Duration, Distance and Distraction and how it effects yoru dogs learning.
  • Go to Bed: Train your dog to go to their bed or designated spot on command, perfect for creating a calm home environment.

This course is divided into 4 modules with over 20 lessons, offering in-depth guidance and practical tips for each training aspect. Papia Rowe, a KPA-CTP (Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner) certified expert, combines her passion for positive reinforcement with proven clicker training techniques to deliver a fun and effective learning experience.

Join today and see the transformation in your dog's behavior and your bond!

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Modules for this course 4
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