Bowlingual Dog School

Introducing Our Online Bowlingual Dog School

This subscription level includes access to a wealth of online training modules, covering various aspects of dog training:

  • Clicker Training for Basic and Intermediate Levels: Master the art of clicker training, encompassing foundational commands and more advanced behaviors.
  • Lead Walking: Learn techniques to transform your dog's leash walking manners, enhancing the quality of your daily walks.
  • Recall Training: Develop a reliable recall skillset in your dog, ensuring they return to you promptly when called, even in distracting situations.
  • And more...

Advantages of Online Dog Training:

  • Unparalleled Accessibility: Online dog training offers accessibility from virtually anywhere. You can participate from the comfort of your home or while on the go, making it exceptionally convenient.
  • Cost-Effective: Our online training program is often a more budget-friendly option compared to in-person training. You'll save on travel expenses and have the flexibility to choose a subscription plan that aligns with your financial goals.
  • Customized Learning: With our Zoom sessions, you benefit from one-on-one interactions, which allows for personalized, tailored guidance. This level of individualized attention can be hard to achieve in group settings.
  • Familiar Environment: Training your dog in your own environment, where they feel most comfortable, can enhance the learning experience. This comfortable setting often leads to more effective training.
  • Extensive Resources: Our online platform provides access to a wide range of training modules that you can revisit at your own pace. These valuable resources ensure continuous support and ongoing learning
  • Proven Effectiveness: Many dog owners have experienced excellent results with online training, as dogs tend to respond positively to the individualized attention provided during one-on-one sessions.

Incorporating online training into your dog's routine can result in a well-behaved and obedient companion.  Invest in your dog's development and leverage the convenience and effectiveness of online dog training to create a strong, positive bond with your furry friend.

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